We’re under the same sky at every moment of every day, and that’s a beautiful thought to fall asleep to.
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I’m broken inside and I can’t even explain why anymore.
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Does my name pass through your mind when it’s 3 am and you’re wide awake?
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Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you.
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That having sex with someone you do not care for feels lonelier than not having sex in the first place, afterward.

― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest
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You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to scream and punch things.
Do it.
Let out every ounce of anger you have.
Sit on the floor and cry until you feel numb.
Listen to songs that make your heart sink to your feet.
Write angry letters to all the people who have broken you, left you, ignored you or hurt you.
Throw your hairbrush at the wall.
Do it twelve times.
Do it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to hurt yourself.
Don’t you dare do it.
Sit on the floor and watch cartoons like you did when you were little.
Listen to songs that make you want to dance around your bedroom in your underwear at 3 A.M.
Make paper airplanes out of those angry letters and watch them soar into the fireplace.
Brush all the knots out of your hair and say “I am worth it” into the mirror.
Say it twelve times.
Say it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to get through it.

― things i wish i could make you understand  (via pessimistiic)
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You broke up. You suffered. You got back together. You suffered even more. You broke up again. You cried, you called your parents, and your dad told you to pull your shit together.

So you did.

And then you met someone new.

It’s kind of a crazy feeling, when you meet someone who makes you forget for a little bit, who causes your pain to evaporate. You went out dancing, you got drunk, you managed to resist going home with them. But you realized later that night, when you got home, that you hadn’t thought about that other person for hours. And then you felt the relief.

You felt cleansed. You realized you can do this, you can move on. You realized that breakup wasn’t the end of your romantic life; it was the end of a disaster, the end of a dark, destructive storm, and now the skies are clear and blue and you feel refreshed, and it’s time to get back to work.

Your heart is fresh. It’s not covered in bruises from the beatings it took; it’s repaired — or, at the very least, is repairing — and ready to keep looking for someone new to attach itself to.

You realize what new romance feels like. You had forgotten what it feels like to flirt, to not hold back, to have an absolute blast with someone you’re attracted to.

You had forgotten what it feels like when that someone else is interested in you too.

It’s exciting. It’s enticing. It’s addictive. You walk around with a feeling of pride, of victory, of cheer and joy and the kind of attitude where not even the person who made you doubt yourself can touch you now.

You realize that you are lovable. People are attracted to you! That panicked feeling from the breakup was doubt about whether you were good enough for anyone else, whether anybody else would love you ever again. But you are, and that’s what is so freeing.

You’re moving on. Who knows if this one will be the one, or if you’ll have to go through the process again. The point is, you made it through that hellish storm, you survived, and you’re far better off now than you were before.

― Anna Willows, What Happens When You Start To Move On

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The Shins | New Slang

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There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs.
― Unknown
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this might sound silly but i sometimes try to imagine my future and it never really involves anyone in particular, but it doesn’t involve no one either. someone is always there. i like that someone. i sometimes imagine us to be somewhere dark and it’s always outside, always underneath a starry sky and it’s never cold and it smells and sounds like fire and it feels like it too, like extremely warm skin where it’s closest to the flames and it’s so peaceful and it’s on the other side of a big question mark that’s in front of me now. just me and this atmosphere that is a real person with warm hands and a beating heart and i can never look directly at them. i don’t know if it’s got anything to do with love but i like this person, i sort of miss them already

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i just want to explore the world and fall in love with cities and the lights from passing cars and different people from different places and unfamiliar streets and foreign languages and the different looks of the sunset in each place. i want to fall in love with the world.

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I want to meet someone who makes me feel the way music does

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